1988 AIDS Foundation Formed
1990 National Antenatal HIV/AIDS Survey conducted in Pretoria
  First antenatal survey reveals 0.8% of pregnant women are HIV-positive
  Jonathan Mann resigned as head of WHO for lack of adequate response by governements worldwide to the pandemic
  The Maputo Statement on HIV and AIDS was esrtablished
1991 Thailand's launches its HIV prevention program
  Statistics reveal that heterosexual transmissions found to equal homosexual transmissions
  First information, training and counselling centrers established in the South Africa
  The Red Ribbon introduced as the international symbol of AIDS
1992 NACOSA formed
1993 Law on HIV passed
  HIV prevalance among pregnant women is 4.3% . The Department of Health predicts that this will double within the year
1994 National AIDS plan released
  African National Congress wins first democratic elections
  Mass communication on health is released with Soul City
  Studies show that AZT can reduce mother-to-child transmission
1995 UNAIDS formed
  Red ribbon adopted in South Africa