1996 Brazil launches trial distribution of ARVs
  Sarafina II musical criticised
  HIV prevalance among pregnant women reaches 12.2%
  Ms Rose Smart is appointed Director of HIV/AIDS and STI in SA Department of Health
  The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative is formed
1997 University of Pretoria Scientists find "cure", Virodene
  HIV prevalance amoung pregnant women reaches 17%
  Interdepartmental Ministerial Committee formed to facilitate and strengthen response
  Government circumvents Medical Research Council to test Virodene and industrial solvent purported to cure HIV/AIDS
  AIDS made notable by the Minister of Health
1998 ARVs debate in parliament and provision of AZTs to pregnant women
  Treatment Action Campaign Lauched
  The Cape Town district starts distributing AZTs
  Prevalance in Kwa-Zulu Natal is estimated between 20-30%, making it the highest in the country
1999 Nevirapine used for Mother-To-Child treatment
  Thabo Mbeki inaugurated as president of South Africa
  Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang becomes Minister of Health
2000 Launch of National AIDS Council by the government and this group excluded activists and scientists
  The cause of AIDS is questioned by the presidency
  The Durban Declaration is signed by scientists
  International AIDS Conference held in Durban South Africa
  President Mbeki appoints dissidents to AIDS advisory panel and declares that poverty is the main cause of HIV/AIDS
  South African National AIDS Council is formed
  Prices of HIV/AIDS drugs drops
  Thabo Mbeki states that he doesn't think that HIV alone causes AIDS
  In October Mbeki withdraws the statement